Driver Experience Days

New for 2015

Nothing beats the excitement and responsibility of the taking charge of a live steam engine for the first time. Whilst at the station you stoke the fire and check the water and pressure gauges. Then you receive the signal to proceed and you slowly open the regulator. Immediately you hear the hiss of steam passing through the cylinders, and soon regular beats along with puffs of smoke and vapour are emitted from the chimney as you gather speed along the track.

New for 2015 we are offering members of the public to join us for a driver experience day so that you can learn how to drive a live steam train on our 5" raised track.

On arrival you will be introduced to your fellow crew members, and receive a safety briefing. You will then walk our 350 foot track so that you are familiar with the route that you will subsequently drive. Next you will be introduced to the model locomotive, and you will be given an overview of how the engine works. Then it is time to prepare the fire and raise steam. Once operating pressure has been reached, you and your fellow crew members will take charge of the locomotive on the line sharing the responsibilities of driving, being the guard and replenishing water and coal supplies.

The cost of our driver training day will be £25 per person, including a fish and chip lunch from our excellent local chippy.

For more information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our driver experience days are an excellent way to find out more about Ipswich Model Engineering Society or to simply treat yourself or a loved one.