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Actions Issue Year Month Page Subject Author Key Word Article Title
327 2023 May 28 Inst/Serv Shaw, Matt A lathe spindle stop for a Boxford lathe The morphing of a tool
327 2023 May 50 Readers' Tips Downs, Ian Using 3D printed patterns to hold a toolbit A new approach to getting tool sharpening angles right
327 2023 May 38 Scribe A Line Gardiner, Chris Development of workshop facilities mover the years My workshop journey
327 2023 May 26 Boring Smith, John Essential reading for beginners & old hands alike, a series by the late Joh... more
Essential reading for beginners & old hands alike, a series by the late John Smith
Artful dodge #6 – Boring with precision using toolmakers' buttons
327 2023 May 45 Misc Belfer, Michael Mounting laminated charts using a three ring binder mechanism Laminate your wall charts!
327 2023 May 46 Inst/Serv Wyatt, Neil Vol.189, #4177 p232/233 thread striking attachment, letters to a grandson From the Model Engineer archive
327 2023 May 17 Sharpening Maurel, Jacques Some further accessories for sharpening tools other than taps and dies Sharpening cutting tools [part 2]
327 2023 May 40 Inst/Serv Shaw, Matt Replacement of a Progress No. 1 bench drill The King is dead! Long live the King!
327 2023 May 60 Editorial Wyatt, Neil 3D printed rocket in first test. The Iwata TH2 is back and here to stay! On the wire
327 2023 May 37 Scribe A Line Brown, Peter Request for information on a wooden machine Mystery machine
327 2023 May 61 Editorial Wyatt, Neil Changes to the web forum. Here's a first! On the wire
327 2023 May 38 Scribe A Line Lewis, Howard Sorting out a lathe for a beginner Lathe rescue mission
327 2023 May 62 Editorial Wyatt, Neil Information and advice Newbies - find out more about your hobby
327 2023 May 9 Lubrication Palmer, Julian The design of an electronic auto oiler system for a Myford ML7 lathe An auto-oiler for a Myford lathe
327 2023 May 53 Inst/Serv Davies, Simon Replacing a spindle with an off the shelf design Upgrading a mill with a high speed spindle [part 2]
327 2023 May 59 Heat Treat Bradley, Ian The merits of various metals and their uses Hardening and tempering - Geometer
327 2023 May 3 On the Editor's Bench Wyatt, Neil Laser technology, 3D printing, laser cutters and engravers The only constant is change!
327 2023 May 31 M/C Review Wyatt, Neil A resin based stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer review Review: the Creality Halot One Plus
327 2023 May 38 Scribe A Line Green, Ashley Re. MEW #267 p59 (Peter Barker), regrinding worn lathe chuck jaws Lathe regrind jig
327 2023 May 37 Scribe A Line Jones, Ken Re. MEW #323 p23 (Sid Rawlings), screw manufacture Wood Screws